AI is Changing the Pattern for How Software is Developed

Jan 10, 2021 AI development programming ai

Table of Contents

  1. Summary


In this article the authors describe how AI has impact on the development of software.

AI can help in the development of software in multiple points. According to the article:

The new tools can be used to help reduce keystrokes, detect bugs as software is being written and automate many of the tests needed to confirm the quality of software.

In an article published by Delloite authors David Schatsky and Sourabh Bumb claim that AI can augment human in the software development area instead of replacing them.

Additionally Schatsky claimes:

Many companies that have implemented these AI tools have seen improved quality in the end products, in addition to reducing both cost and time, [..]

Delloite sees the advantages of AI in development in the following points:

  • project requirements
  • coding review
  • bug detection and resolution
  • more through testing
  • deployment
  • project management

In the second part the article references to an article of IBM Engineer “Bill Higgins”. Higgins describes his personal experience to code with AI while working on IBM’s Watson.

IBM developed a conceptual model to help enterprises think and use AI-based transformation. This model is named AI Ladder.

  • collect
  • organize
  • analyze
  • infuse

The rest of the article describes the infuse stage of the AI Ladder. To read more about the AI Ladder Higgins posted an article on Medium.